Parsec ultrawide

16:9 host to 21:9 ultrawide success. Thought I'd share this since I googled and didn't come up with anything that quite worked the way I wanted. Streaming a Windows game to a Linux client, where the host computer has a 16:9 tv to a ultrawide 21:9 monitor -- now, it will display by default but you'll get black bars on the sides and that's annoying.

Size: Single Single 2 Pack 3 Pack 6 Pack About this item New Generation HDMI Headless Adapter - Run your computer 'headless' with our 4K HDMI display simulator. Hardware accelerated remote desktop access at high resolutions, up to 3840×[email protected] & [email protected] Plug & Play - No drivers, no software, no power cables or configuration required.


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Welcome to dragonball fighterZ mods! I'm proud to announce we are hosting mods for FighterZ, i've been hooked on this amazing game since launch and can't wait to see what the community can do with mods.

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